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Musings on My Vardo Roof Box

Today I met with Fred at Taylor Metal Products and Tim Bancke, the roofer who recently completed the beautiful curved roof for Lilypad, a tiny house currently under construction for my friend Anita by Walt Quade of Small Home Oregon. … Continue reading

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Ceiling Up My Vardo

The past two weeks I was only able to work on The Lucky Penny one day, so I was excited to have three whole days of building this weekend. I’ve had some help Making Ends Meet, so I was eager to jump … Continue reading

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My Tiny House Starts with a Window

Now that I’ve lived in two tiny houses on wheels, a travel trailer, and a yurt, I’m ready to begin building a tiny home of my own. We have several months before building season begins, but January is the perfect time to start prepping for a build…This winter I’ve been revising my budget, laying out my timeline, tweeking my Sketch Up Model, researching my options for compact appliances, and swapping building notes with fellow tiny housers. Continue reading

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