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  1. Linda Sand says:

    Not sure how to pass on this information but thought I’d try you first. If anyone in the Pacific Northwest is interested in starting a Tiny House community similar to the one in Orlando, here’s an opportunity I just read about in an unrelated RVing forum:

    • Lina Menard says:

      Linda, thanks for sharing this opportunity! I don’t have any plans to move to Anacortes nor do I know anyone looking to create a tiny house community in that area. And I’m not sure what the best way would be to share it more widely, but thanks for passing it on anyhow. Perhaps it will catch the right person’s eye!

  2. David says:


    Thought you might know someone who is interested in this. ODOT is selling a lot in Portland for $70,000, zoned R1 as surplus and it would be suitable for one or more tiny houses. See the link below. The ODOT contact is Kelly Atkinson 731-8439.

    • Lina Menard says:

      Thanks for sharing, David! The way regulations are right now, I think it would be tricky to put tiny houses on a lot without other existing dwellings, but it certainly would work to put a single-family home with an ADU. I appreciate this out-of-the-box thinking! Keep it up!

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