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Revisiting Homeownership

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we cracked open The Lucky Penny, starting with My SIPs Wall Raising. This weekend I’m taking a break from tiny house building to focus on other small homes. Friday and Saturday I turned … Continue reading

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Coming Full Circle… and Moving Forward

Two years ago this week I moved to Portland and this week I’m Housesitting the Tiny Barn at the location where my first tiny house was parked when My Tiny Adventure Began. So, in a way, it feels like I’ve … Continue reading

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Pedalpalooza ADU & Tiny House Tour Recap

Yesterday was an epic day of small houses. Kimber and I coordinated the Pedalpalooza Accessory Dwelling and Tiny House Tours all in one day so that people who are interested in both tours could visit a variety of small spaces. It … Continue reading

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Pedalpalooza ADU & Tiny House Tours on Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Last year, in conjunction with Orange Splot, I coordinated the Pedalpalooza Accessory Dwelling Tour and Tiny House Tour, which each drew around 100 riders. This year I’m co-coordinating with Kimber, who has completed the Oregon Tradeswoman pre-apprenticeship program and now … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Catch Up

Anyone who has been paying attention will probably have noticed by now that I’m backlogged on blog posts. Partly this was due to technological issues. Check out forthcoming posts Getting Smart About Phones, Planning Around Obsolescence, and Everything but the … Continue reading

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Cooking Al Fresco

Every Sunday my workshop team meets up for a working meal. We alternate between brunch and supper and we take turns hosting. The last time I was responsible for cooking for my team I was Living Large by housesitting so … Continue reading

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Oh, the Joys of Homeownership

Last weekend I returned to the two-bedroom bungalow I own in Walla Walla to transition it over for new tenants.  It was a long, hot weekend with temperatures reaching 102 both days. I found myself reminded both how much I … Continue reading

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Springtime in the Tiny House

I returned from my trip to California to discover that springtime had arrived in Portland, too. I took the Max Red Line home from the airport this afternoon, switching to the bus and then walking the last couple of blocks. … Continue reading

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April Fooling My Hen

On Valentine’s Day I was picking up studs (for a tiny house project). For April Fool’s Day I picked up chicks (for my backyard chicken, of course). My sweet hen Ella became broody again about ten days ago. The first two … Continue reading

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Drama at the Hen House

My chicken Henrietta died last weekend while I was away in Walla Walla visiting friends. My neighbor found her outside the coop one morning so we figured she had frozen to death. Since I wasn’t there to deal with her … Continue reading

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