My Beautiful Arched Door

Arched Door with Leaded Glass

Silly me! I haven’t taken any photos of my arched door, but I’ve done a rendering in Sketch Up from the measurements so I could put it into my tiny house model. It looks like this, only lovelier!

The summer before last I had My Summer Dream Job: Tiny House Design-Building. It was brilliant, lucky, backwards, or some combination of all three that I had the chance to build a tiny house for someone else before I built my own.

While I was finishing out Tandem (which is now located at Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel and available for nightly rental), I soaked up as much information and muscle memory as I could so that someday I would be ready to build my tiny dream house. And I started scouting Craigslist for materials, just to get a sense of what was out there.

I wasn’t going to actually buy anything since I knew I wouldn’t be building that summer. I definitely wasn’t going to buy anything large!

But a friend invited me to visit the ReBuilding Center on a Saturday afternoon in August and I saw it.

My door.

An arched door with an arched leaded glass window and an arched frame, too. The fella I asked about it said it had been there a couple weeks. The price was more than I’d been wanting to pay for a door, but it was just what I wanted.

I decided to sleep on it.

And I didn’t sleep well because I was nervous about making the commitment… but even more nervous someone else would get MY door.┬áSo I reserved a truck through Getaround and was at the ReBuilding Center┬ábefore it opened on Sunday morning. When I walked in and told the guy I was going to buy that arched door he grinned and gave me a discount. The man who helped me load it into the truck said arched doors are rare but arched doors with frames in good shape are one in a thousand. I feel lucky that we found each other despite the odds, my door and me. So My Tiny House Started with a Window and then, all of the sudden I had a beautiful door, too. With an arched door and an arched window, my house was definitely taking on a life of it’s own. And a shape of its own. When I found my arched window I was already pretty sure my house would be a vardo, but finding my arched door sealed the deal.

Then I started getting a little nervous because I didn’t have A Sink for Good Measure, so my scouting began again…

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