Tiny Chair Workshop at ADX in Portland, OR

we’ll be making tiny chairs like this in the Tiny Chair Workshop next weekend!

On Saturday, October 26th I’ll be teaching a Tiny Chair Workshop at ADX in Portland, OR. This is a Portland Alternative Dwellings workshop intended as a fun introduction to carpentry. Start small by building yourself a simple, comfortable tiny chair. In this 1-day workshop, you’ll learn how to safely use basic power and hand tools. You’ll head home with your very own tiny chair and the confidence to tackle the next project. The class has limited space, so sign up pronto on the ADX website!

“What is a tiny chair?” you ask. A tiny chair is a sweet little wooden and canvas chair that can be folded into itself and tucked away – or hung on the wall as a piece of art – how’s that for turniture?! (I should also mention, as we head into the holiday season, that the chair would be a great gift for someone who is living light and the class itself would be a fun present for someone who is minimizing!)

“And where and what is this ADX place?” you wonder. ADX is a fabulous non-profit located in Portland’s Central Eastside that is “building a community of thinkers and makers.” They have a complete woodshop where we will be constructing our little chairs.

PAD Grad Ben in the little house on wheels he’s building for himself

ADX is also where PAD Grad Ben is building his tiny house on wheels! You can follow along at Ben Builds a Tiny House. Ben attended the Pedalapalooza Tiny House Bike Tour and participated in the PAD building workshop for the Naj Haus Wall Raising. He’s now raised the walls on his own little house. Once you’ve taken the Tiny Chair Workshop you’ll be ready to lend a hand to Ben and other tiny house builders to get more hands-on experience before tackling your own tiny house build!

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