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Welcome, Shelter Wise!

The following is a message from Shelter Wise (formerly UrbaNest), one of the companies with which I’ve partnered for tiny house design, building, and consulting. We’re excited about our first joint tiny house build weekend of the season, Casa Pequena … Continue reading

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Renewable Resources

When I was a little girl, my grandmother’s friend Maria told me “Your hair is so beautiful. You could sell it.” She should know. She was a German gypsy and she was kidnapped for her beautiful hair when she was … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Discount Kids’ Tiny House Designs

When I facilitated a tiny house workshop for a group of fifth graders in January I was impressed that Ten Year Olds Design Awesome Tiny Houses! So I was excited when I found a New York Times article recently entitled “Envisioning … Continue reading

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Well, Hello, Tiny Housers!

Two days ago I received a plethora of Facebook requests from people I haven’t met yet. That seemed odd, so I checked my blog and realized that the Sightline & Grist on Living Large in Small Spaces article that Alyse … Continue reading

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How Tiny is Too Tiny?

A friend recently shared a link to Grist article entitled “There is such thing as a too-tiny house, and this is what it looks like.” The Grist article fed from a PetaPixel article by Michael Zhang which showed bird’s eye images … Continue reading

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I Still Don’t Leave Home Without It!

When I first moved to Portland a friend introduced me to her system of keeping track of all the essential things one needs when walking out the door. I wrote about it in Don’t Leave Home Without It. For more … Continue reading

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