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discussion of tiny house community

It was a pleasure to be part of the Portland Alternative Dwellings Tiny House Workshop this weekend, along with Derin of UrbaNest, Brittany of Bayside Bungalow, and Chris and Melisssa Tack of Tiny Tack House. Tiny house enthusiasts from around Oregon and Washington joined us at the Historic Kenton Firehouse for the workshop. A few workshop participants even travelled internationally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! Thanks for dedicating your weekend to tiny houses everyone. We’re so glad you did!


touring and comparing notes on the Pod 49 Tiny House

The two-day workshop covered everything from framing and tie-downs for mobile structures to the “sticky wickets” of how wee structures are addressed by code. We were lucky to have so many experienced tiny house designers, builders, and dwellers present to share different approaches. Dee Williams led most of the workshop sessions and asked us to chime in throughout. I’m so glad we’ve been Partnering with PAD. In one session Derin used a life-size model to demonstrate his super energy-efficient building strategies. In another session Brittany shared information about her greywater system and humanure composting system. Chris and Melissa described their kitchen layout, appliance selection, and how the two of them share the small space they designed for themselves. I addressed regulatory considerations, moving a tiny house down the road, zoning and building, and creating tiny house community. On the second day we wrapped up with a visit to Pod 49 to tour a tiny house.

It was a treat to meet more tiny house enthusiasts and to learn about everyone’s ideas and hopes. It’s so fun to see the tiny house community grow!

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3 Responses to Tiny House Workshop Weekend

  1. Rowan says:

    Awesome blog! I have not lived in a tiny house but have made space for two of them on my property in Whatcom County, Washington. I am loving seeing younger folks downsizing and simplifying their lives. I am headed in that direction myself. In the meantime I am making space for others who want to live small.

    • Little Life says:

      Hi Rowan,

      Thanks so much for your post. It’s fabulous that you’re making space for tiny houses on your property. Are tiny houses already set up there? If so, how’s it going? Would you be interested in writing a guest blog to share what it’s like? I know there are lots of other folks like you out there, but it’s hard for us to connect the dots between willing property-owners and great tiny housers.


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