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Just before I ran off for my interview with Portlandia’s The Real Portland, a few of my friends from school helped me move my 198 things into the yurt. (Check out My 200 Things Challenge). I’m not yet settled, but I love it already. It was so nice to sleep under the stars in my glorified tent. And although it’s a small space, I have big plans for it! I think my two most useful strategies will be to use the vertical space and to take advantage of the lattice walls providing lots of spots to hang things. I stacked my dressers just as I did in the tiny house. One dresser is dedicated to my clothing. The other I’m using to store my art, craft, and drafting supplies, my electronics, and my toolbox. I’m using the space under the bed to store outdoor gear like my sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and backpack as well as my summer clothes. I plan to find a tall cabinet to use for My Kitchen Cupboard.

i love the oculus - so does my xmas cactus!

I’m so excited to be closer to campus and the happenings of inner Portland. The location may be my favorite thing about my new place. The dome skylight oculus is definitely my favorite part of being in the yurt. I’ve considered putting an overhead skylight in the vardo I want to build for myself. Living with the dome skylight for just a couple days has convinced me that it’s a great idea. The quality of light from overhead is different and really lovely!

As I settle in and begin unpacking, I realize I’m now surrounded by the things I like best. Downsizing from a Tiny House to a Tinier House was not as difficult for me as my initial downsizing from a two-bedroom house to a yurt. As I moved into the yurt with my belongings I became especially grateful that I’ve embarked upon My 200 Things Challenge, too. I am, without a doubt, less materialistic than I was a year ago. I am better able to appreciate items for their functionality and the pleasure they bring me.

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  5. Helenbeee says:

    Do you still have your cute cat and if so how is he coping with the shifts?


    • Little Life says:

      Hi Helen,

      Yes, of course I still have my sweet kitty Raffi. He’s pretty easy-going as cats go, probably because he thinks he’s a dog. He doesn’t mind baths or riding in the car! Shh! Don’t tell him this isn’t normal! :-) So he’s adjusted just fine as we’ve transitioned over the years. Since I brought him home as a 4 month old kitten about 7 years ago he’s moved with me from my 2-bedroom house to a 14-foot travel trailer, an 18-foot tiny house on wheels (in 2 locations), and a 12-foot yurt (our current abode). He’s also vacationed at other people’s houses when I’m out of town. Do you have pets? How do they do with the transitions?

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