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Kim’s Tiny House Fire – Can You Help a Tiny Bit?

Dear friends, I’m forwarding along this letter from tiny house pioneer (and my personal hero) Dee Williams. Last summer I helped Kim frame her floor joists and walls during a Portland Alternative Dwellings workshop. Kim’s an amazing person and it was … Continue reading

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Tiny House Insulation, Roofing, & Interior Walls

The tiny house I’m building with Orange Splot, LLC has come along nicely in the past two weeks. Last week (between moving into My Summer Garden Cottage and getting the Tiny House On the Road and back to Olympia) I insulated … Continue reading

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A New Year in a New Home

I ended up sleeping twelve hours Saturday night after the tiny house move (see Tiny House on the Road), so I woke up completely refreshed on Sunday. I started out my 29th birthday in a brand new place. This seems … Continue reading

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Tiny House on the Road

We moved the tiny house I’ve lived in the past 10 months back up to Olympia today and tucked it into its spot near the old apple tree. The Bayside Bungalow is once again truly bayside and it’s available as … Continue reading

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Moving into an ADU

Three friends helped me move my belongings from the tiny house to My Summer Garden Cottage this morning. Most of my things fit in my friend’s Toyota Carolla, but it was great to have a truck for my super heavy … Continue reading

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My Summer Garden Cottage

Those of you who joined Orange Splot for the Pedalpalooza Accessory Dwelling Bike Tour or participated in Jordan Palmeri’s small home tour will recognize my new digs. It’s also featured in this video about the ADU Bike tour and mentioned on my … Continue reading

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Savoring the Tiny House

A year ago I decided to rent a tiny house. We moved Brittany’s Bayside Bungalow to Portland at the end of September last year, just before I started my first quarter studying urban planning at Portland State University. I figured … Continue reading

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Jill of All Trades

We (almost!) finished the tiny house’s exterior last week. Eli has found a professional painter with all the equipment to paint the tiny house in just a day. So on Monday I caulked big gaps and primed the battens and trim … Continue reading

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My Things Challenge: Who’s Counting Anyway?

I first heard of the 100 Thing Challenge about a year ago. I was downsizing from a two-bedroom bungalow to a tiny house at the time, but the 100 Thing Challenge seemed extreme so I dismissed it. Of course, tiny … Continue reading

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Going Whole Hog on the Tiny House

This week we wrapped up the siding, adding panels and battens above the belly band and shingles in the gable ends above the head band. It was fun to work with the cedar shingles. They smell much better than the … Continue reading

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