How Many People Can Fit in a Tiny House?

Pedalpalooza Tiny House Tour

Turns out, you can fit more than 100 people into a tiny house… if they take turns. We figured that out during the Pedalpalooza Tiny Home Bike Tour¬†on Saturday, June 24th. Despite the threatening weather more than 100 people showed up for the four-hour tour of five tiny houses. Since all of the houses are smaller than 200 square feet we had four waves of the tour so we could spread out the crowds. Logan, Ryan, and Lale took the first group, Kol and Deb led the second group, Eli headed up the third group, and Mark and Leslie brought up the rear with the fourth group. Thanks, tour leaders!

Pedalpalooza Tiny House Tour

The weather cleared as the morning went along, making it a lovely day for a ride. By the time our tour met up with the Sunday Parkways along the bluffs in North Portland, we had a gorgeous afternoon for a question and answer session. It was fantastic to see collective knowledge being shared amongst tiny house enthusiasts. I also really enjoyed watching connections being formed as people said to each other “Oh, you’re so-and-so! I’ve heard so much about you!” Special thanks go to the tiny house dwellers who opened up their homes to make this tour possible.

Dozens of people have now joined our Tiny House Network Google Group and our Portland Tiny Houses Facebook Group. We invite you to join us, too!

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