Showcasing Accessory Dwellings in Portland


A Sister-in-Law House

A Sister-in-Law House

As part of my internship with Orange Splot, LLC, I’ve been doing case studies of accessory dwelling units in Portland and guest posting on the Accessory Dwellings website. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are separate living spaces on the same property as a larger house. They’re also called mother-in-law apartments, granny flats, or backyard cottages. Sometimes they’re build in attics or basements or over a garage. I think ADUs are a brilliant way to increase density, utilize existing infrastructure, build community, and provide housing flexibility and adaptability.

Here are the Accessory Dwelling posts I’ve written:

The system development charges (SDCs) that make building an ADU cost prohibitive for most

ADU over the garage

ADU over the garage

families have been waived until 2013. This can save families thousands of dollars! So I’m working with a group of space-efficient housing advocates to share ADU stories so that people consider building ADUs while the fees are waived. We’re hoping that if we can show that there’s a demand for them the waiver will continue, making ADUs an affordable and efficient development strategy.

This week several space-efficient dwellings were showcased on a tour as part of the Living Future Unconference. Several more ADUs will be featured on the ADU Bike Tour I’m coordinating on Sunday, June 10th as part of Pedalpalooza.

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4 Responses to Showcasing Accessory Dwellings in Portland

  1. Nuttapol says:

    So happy to find this site. I have been researching ADUs for the past year (slowly) and beveile your site will help me reach out to a broader community and find further information.I am currently in my last semester of graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin, getting my M.S. in Community and Regional Planning. I am doing my thesis on Accessory Dwelling Units. Specifically, a program feasibility study for my hometown of Denton, Texas. The thesis will also include 2 case studies that review current programs for ADUs in the country. One of my case study sites is Santa Cruz, CA, I have not decided on the other yet. (maybe Austin’s SMART Housing program). Any suggestions on other cities with successful ADU programs??? I know Portland and Seattle have great programs but I am trying to find a city less urban or west cost. I wish Austin had a stronger program. Darn! Again, so excited to see this site!!Thanks!

    • Little Life says:

      Hi Nuttapol, thanks for your work researching ADUs. Best of luck to you finishing up your graduate work on ADUs and finding the next place to call home. I’m curious about what you’ve discovered. Are you up for sharing it with other ADU fascinated folks?

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