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Smaller Than a Breadbox: Creative Tiny House Storage Solutions

The other day as I was showing my tiny house to some folks who plan to build one this summer, I pointed out some of the multifunctional objects, space-saving tricks, and storage solutions that make this 121 square foot space so … Continue reading

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Tiny Houses Turn Their Backs on the Street

I’m confused about why not a single one of the tiny houses I’ve ever seen has the front door at the front. I’ve been looking at photos of tiny houses for years and I have yet to come across one. … Continue reading

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“Look, it’s a Tall Bike! Look, it’s a Tiny House!”

If I wasn’t already madly in love with Portland, Sunday Parkways would have won me over. Once a month from May to September Portland shuts down auto traffic on several roads, opening them up to bicyclists and pedestrians. Over 20,000 … Continue reading

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Smart Car + Smart Phone = Smart Errands

The hose I borrowed temporarily had such a rubbery taste that Raffi wouldn’t drink the water. Getting a drinking quality hose was a priority today, so I decided to try out Portland’s newest public-private transportation option. Car2Go is a car … Continue reading

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Home is Where Your House Is

I’m now settled in my new parking spot and I think I’m going to like it here. This morning I woke up to sunshine and rolled over to discover two hummingbirds sipping nectar from the flowers on the bush outside my … Continue reading

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Tiny House on the Move

My tiny move only took me a few hours. Packing was a piece of cake. My to do list read like this: Wrap breakable kitchen items (dishes and mason jars of rice, lentils, oats, etc.) in towels and put them … Continue reading

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A Tiny Move for a Tiny House

A new tiny house is moving into the parking spot I’ve enjoyed for the past seven months, so the tiny house I’m living in is moving on down the road. Literally. I found a new parking spot just three blocks … Continue reading

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All the backyard chicken forum posts I read about introducing day old chicks to a broody hen provided suggestions for how to successfully get chicks to imprint on their mama and visa-versa. We did everything they suggested: putting the peeping … Continue reading

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Showcasing Accessory Dwellings in Portland

  As part of my internship with Orange Splot, LLC, I’ve been doing case studies of accessory dwelling units in Portland and guest posting on the Accessory Dwellings website. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are separate living spaces on the same … Continue reading

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Biking Rain or Shine

It’s a unfortunate that we had such downpours today since we’re kicking off the Bike to PSU Challenge. They have an awesome interactive website that’s shiny and easy to use. I’m on a team of 10 and we’re competing with other … Continue reading

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