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Hammock Time!

We’ve had a rather convenient weather pattern of gray weekdays and sunny weekends. There’s a joke around here when you have lovely days in the spring followed by another gray day. People start saying, “Don’t worry. It will be back. … Continue reading

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Springtime in the Tiny House

I returned from my trip to California to discover that springtime had arrived in Portland, too. I took the Max Red Line home from the airport this afternoon, switching to the bus and then walking the last couple of blocks. … Continue reading

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Tiny House in Portland Tribune’s Sustainable Living Section

Raffi, the tiny house, and I were on the front page of the Sustainable Living section of Friday’s Portland Tribute. Check out Home Tiny Home to see the story and photos. There were a couple inacurracies: 1) the article said that I … Continue reading

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Tiny Barn Exterior Wrapping Up

Today marks three weeks since the tiny house build began. After a beehive-like first week of building, things quieted down in the second week as the roof framing, sheathing, and tar papering continued with a smaller crew. In week three … Continue reading

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April Fooling My Hen

On Valentine’s Day I was picking up studs (for a tiny house project). For April Fool’s Day I picked up chicks (for my backyard chicken, of course). My sweet hen Ella became broody again about ten days ago. The first two … Continue reading

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