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By Hook or By Kindle

I have a few days between visiting family and my internship starting up again so I’ve been hanging out with friends and finding ways to simplify my life as I head into a new year. Mostly it’s involved my new … Continue reading

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How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Heat a Tiny House?

Last fall I designed my tiny dream house in a workshop called Less is More, which was taught by Andreas Stavropoulos and Dave Cain at Yestermorrow Design-Build School. As I was deliberating about heating options, my classmate John joked, “Sheesh! … Continue reading

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Tiny House Sleeps Five Comfortably

My friends Sarah and Jesse from Walla Walla visited yesterday, bringing their pup Dodge along. It was fun showing them the Alberta Arts District and it was chilly enough that our cocoas were a perfect warm up treat. Jesse cooked … Continue reading

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A Praising Accessory Dwellings

Yesterday I joined Eli Spevak, Martin Brown, and Jordan Palmeri for a workshop about appraising accessory dwelling units (ADUs). See the Accessory Dwellings website for lots more information about ADUs, including this post about appraising ADUs. I suppose I’m a bit of a … Continue reading

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Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Today was an exciting one for me and the tiny house. A Canadian reporter named Tim interviewed me for a story about small houses. It will probably be a short video that includes information about several people living little. I’m … Continue reading

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If the Bike Fits…

Ever since I arrived in Portland I’ve been scouting Craigslist for a small used road bike. And when I say small, I do mean small. I’m just barely 5’1″ so it’s hard for me to find a bike small enough … Continue reading

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Route Mapping

My host and some friends of hers built a bike shelter in the yard and we’ve put it to good use this fall! Since I don’t own a car I get around mostly by bike and public transportation. There are … Continue reading

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