Keeping Cozy

I’ve started a paid internship with a planning organization so my schedule is very full these days. It makes me really appreciate the tiny house when I’m able to be home. I love sitting in the window seat reading¬†for classes with my cat on my lap, cooking hearty food in the little kitchen, or sleeping in the snug loft.

I have found that the radiator heater works best if I keep it at a baseline temperature and crank it up when I feel too chilled. There is a timer on the heater but it doesn’t have a setback option, so I haven’t been using that feature. (It¬†comes up to the temp you’ve set at the times you tell it to but then it turns off completely at the end of the period you’ve set and I find that if I turn the heater all the way off for a long period of time it takes a while for the house to heat back up again.) If I keep it set at 58 while I’m away and then bump it up when I get home, it doesn’t take long before it’s nice and cozy. I don’t know yet how much electricity I’m using now that I’ve got the heater turned on since the electricity meter I purchase to monitor my usage doesn’t fit in the outlet because of the way the plugs are oriented. I’m curious but not enough to have figured out a way to check. That will be one of my projects once the term is over.
One of my neighbors recommended a heater that is installed on the wall and I’m considering getting one because it would be less obtrusive than the one on wheels that I’ve been using. I wouldn’t have to relocate it every time I have a friend over for dinner and need to turn my desk into a dining table. I’ll keep you posted about whether I decide to go for it and, if so, what I think of it.
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