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Entertaining in the Tiny House

Who says you can’t entertain in a tiny house? I just served dinner for six! This weekend Brittany, the woman who built the tiny house I’m living in, came through town with her partner Dylan, an old friend of mine … Continue reading

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When Brittany helped me settle into the tiny house a few weeks ago she left me a propane tank with a little bit of fuel. At the time my host had said “one of these days you’ll be cooking dinner … Continue reading

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A Mentor, A Plan, A Tiny House Tour

When three people say “you know, you really ought to talk to _____,” I suggest you get in touch. Today I had an informational interview with my new hero Eli Spevak, owner of Orange Splot, LLC. He’s agreed to take … Continue reading

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Known By the State of California

The garden hose I’d hooked up burst earlier this week so I decided it was time to hunt for a drinking quality hose. One of the scary things about hoses is that so many of them have a disclaimer that … Continue reading

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Coq Au Vin

This weekend I headed back to Walla Walla for my Whitman College reunion, catching a ride with my dear friends Sarah and Corey. We enjoyed catching up with old classmates and it was nice for me to be back in … Continue reading

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