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Tiny Home Improvement

Classes started on Monday so I’ve been busy the past few days, but today I didn’t have classes so my host and her friend helped me with a couple of little house projects. First, I understand that they don’t sell … Continue reading

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You Know Those Boxes in the Garage?

The ones you never unpacked from the last move? I don’t have any of those! Hooray! Today I unpacked my belongings into the tiny house and all my thoughtful consideration as I downsized seems to have paid off. The goal … Continue reading

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Then This House Dropped Out of the Sky…

We have been joking about how it seems like my tiny house dropped out of the sky like Dorothy’s place in the Wizard of Oz. One day there was an empty space in my landlady’s yard and the next day … Continue reading

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The Tiny House Adventure Begins

I woke up at 5:00 am this morning and quickly realized there was no hope of falling asleep again. Today is much too exciting to sleep through! As of tomorrow I’ll be one of the people calling a tiny house … Continue reading

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